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What 99% of seduction gurus won’t tell you about approach anxiety

Have you ever said to yourself as a girl was passing by, “She is so cute, but I don’t know what to say if I walk up to her.”

You stand there PARALYZED with anxiety evoked by thoughts of harsh rejection. The longer you delay, the more you think of excuses why you shouldn’t approach.

During this time you are anxious, staring creepily at her, and she feels it (emotions are contagious).

Then she walks away from a weird interaction and you are left kicking yourself over what could have been, and what could have happened IF you had the right words to say.

I’ve been there.

I’ve been refused by a LOT of women until I learned the game.

I learned that I wasn’t approaching women because: 

  • I was terrified of rejection. 
  • And I was terrified of rejection because I cared too much what women thought of me. 
  • I cared what women thought of me because I saw them as deities of perfection, purity and virtue.

HERE IS THE MIND HACK TO LEARN HOW TO NOT GIVE A FUCK and help you create a superiority mindset as you progress through an interaction.

When talking to a girl, especially one of exceptional beauty, focus on an imperfection in her face, body or clothing; for example, a pimple on her chin, a scar on her forehead, a hair that is out of place, lint on her sweater, a smear in her lipstick or mascara, etc.

Don’t mention anything about it, but keep it in the front of your mind as a reminder that she has flaws.

This picture in your mind will help you internalize the idea that all women are human and flawed creatures just like the rest of us. Once you’ve fully adopted this idea, talking to women becomes a TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT PROPOSITION, since she is no longer prized or special from the start.

You speak to her with one foot pointing towards the door, sending her the vibe that she can easily be replaced. And believe it or not, that’s the secret to get her wondering why you can’t be tricked into falling under her spell like so many other simps.

It is this curiosity that will drive her crazy until she exhausts all her efforts and decides to surrender herself to you.

Developing what we call THE SLAYER MINDSET is simple, but not that easy. It requires dedication, practice and a deeper understanding of one’s ego in order to ultimately divorce yourself from it and allow your inner slayer to run free.

Your inner slayer was instilled in you since birth, but society had a vested interest in shaming you into suppressing it. You may not even know it’s still there, but it is.

Gary and I are excited to announce the release of our new product “Slay the Simp” which will teach you how to undo a lifetime of simp conditioning, position yourself as THE PRIZE, and be a MASSIVE ACTION TAKER with women. Get the program NOW, go through the content, and start getting UNPRECEDENTED RESULTS WITH WOMEN.

The program is at an early-bird price THIS WEEKEND ONLY. Click the link below.

Begin your journey

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I tried to purchase early bird with two cards but both were refused I'm in AU. Help?

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