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If you don’t read this, your game on women WILL FAIL.

Have you ever seen an average guy with a hot girl on his arm?


  • Short,
  • nerdy, 
  • even bald or
  • overweight.

You say to yourself, THIS GUY?!?!?!

He’s a 5 on a good day, yet he’s dating an 8!

How the hell did he get her?!

I know, you’ve probably thought to yourself, HE HAS TO BE RICH, right?


That's your go-to-excuse, because you’ve been conditioned to believe this from TV and movies.


Your mind can’t fathom that she would actually feel a genuine attraction for THAT GUY.

But what if I were to tell you that you could be mistaken? Yup, she’s TURNED ON BY HIM, and although, she can’t quite understand why, he does.


Stay with me…

  • Like an emotional magician, he has created the perception that he is the more valuable one in the relationship. 
  • In other words, that she needs him more than he needs her.

That’s it! 

This works because women are biologically hardwired to be massively attracted to men they perceive to be of higher social status. ALWAYS SET THE FRAME THAT YOU ARE THE PRIZE.

But it’s easier said than done.

How did he get her to believe it?

  • He did all of the subtle things that conveyed high value, while dismissing her feeble attempts to qualify him. 
  • He telegraphed his abundance with options for mates and made her feel lucky to have been chosen by him.

But how did he do all of this? It’s called GAME, and as Einstein once said, “You first have to learn the rules and then you have to play it better than everyone else.”

I don’t care if you’re: 

  • a 30 year old virgin living in your mom’s basement, 
  • a wealthy crypto investor, or
  • a socially awkward introvert tech engineer, 

you can be taught the rules of the game and how to PLAY IT BETTER THAN 90% OF THE CLUELESS GUYS OUT THERE.

Trust me, YOU WILL WIN.

Game is 100% learnable. No matter how much you’ve messed up in the past or how inexperienced you are, THIS MOMENT IS A FRESH START TO THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. A new chapter begins NOW!!

I’ve taught thousands and soon, I will be revealing the secrets of the game that will allow you to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR S*X LIFE LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

Stay tuned for the ride of your life. 

In my next email, I will explain some of the changes you’ll need to make on your journey to becoming a STONE COLD SLAYER. Don’t worry, I’ve done most of the heavy lifting in studying thousands of interactions with women over the span of decades. I’ll show you EVERYTHING, so all you’ll have to do is FOLLOW MY BLUEPRINT.

Check your inbox tomorrow for my next game changer. Until next time, bro.

P.S. Addiction to instant gratification and parking yourself in the comfort zone WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE. Be willing to pursue your goals with women - even if it makes you feel VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!!

More on this in the next email… 


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