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How you're killing your chances with women...

  • You WANT to talk to her like a smooth professional.
  • You WANT to be able to seduce her.

But you just don’t know how. The truth is you’re probably making this key “psychological”  mistake that 99% of other men make. This key mistake is the difference between having women lining up to sleep with you OR being a desperate virgin until the day you die.

The mistake is assuming that men and women think the same way.

Here are the FACTS:

  • A man naturally thinks and talks logically.
  • But a woman thinks emotionally.

Here's what that means:

  • In a woman's mind, if something "feels just right" then it must be true. A woman's perception of reality is based on feelings. Hence, if you change her mood you'll also change her mind.
  • Her behaviors are DRIVEN by her emotions. In fact, a woman will even make life altering mating decisions simply based on how she feels like at the moment.

Being boring is the cardinal sin of dealing with women.

  • For example,’’ Do you really think that asking her: ‘’Hey, what are you doing’’ Is exciting in the slightest? Is it interesting? Simple small talk leaves her bored out of her mind.

Logical conversations bore women to death. You’ve failed to get her emotions going and to get her excited to talk to you. You have to learn how to TRIGGER a woman's emotions, so that she becomes emotionally invested in the interaction and ultimately being with you.

See women as they actually are, not as you wish they were.

Fortunately for you, there are certain “psychological” techniques you can use in conversation that may leave her just begging to sleep with you. These techniques, discovered by a simple French peasant, allowed him to sleep with women of ROYALTY. If he can do it, what excuse do you have to not be sleeping with women you thought were WAY above your league?

Learn these stupidly simple “psychological” techniques used by a French peasant to pull royalty and women FAR beyond his league. Get the book "Conversation Casanova Mastery."

This book will change your life.


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