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Four Conversation Moves to Make Her CRAZY about you.

1. Sexualise the conversation, but be calibrated.

The “friendzone." 🤢

Well this is what happens to guys who simply don’t know how to escalate sexual tension. They just kind of sit there and make idle chit chat, but never actually build attraction or make the move. This is incredibly annoying and awkward for females as they are looking for a guy who knows what he wants and unapologetically goes for it without fear of rejection. 

BE AN ALPHA MALE who goes after and takes what he wants out of life. ⚔️

  • Let me make it clear for you. You need to flirt! By this I mean actually SHOWING SEXUAL INTENT. This can be something as simple as saying you think she'd look sexy in a pair of glasses.
  • And it should go without saying: do it with strong eye contact and speak with confidence. Speak slowly and calmly and mean what you say. This comes across as confident and nothing is sexier to a woman than confidence!

2. Respond to her social cues and escalate accordingly.

  • When she reacts in a positive way, ESCALE. 
  • When she reacts negatively, pull back and try again at a later point in time. 

It’s really that simple. What do I mean by this?

If a girl is acting closed off, facing away from you, crossed arms, awkward smile, trying to walk away etc, this is not an indicator that you should try to touch her or move closer. It is a signal that you’ve not yet built enough attraction to escalate sexual tension.

This doesn't mean that you’ve failed. All you have to do is chill out, don't act desperate and continue to flirt, give emotional value and demonstrate your high status until she is ready for you to escalate the interaction to physical touch or moving closer.

3. Use questions to keep her talking about herself.

We’ve all heard of this one, roughly speaking, but how do you actually do it? It’s no secret that people love to talk about themselves and if prompted correctly, they will go on for hours. Being listened to makes people feel good, especially if they're talking about their passions and a woman will relate that good feeling to you. From there it’s very easy to lead the conversation.

Learn to listen. But what do you ask her about?

Ask ordinary questions if you’d like, where she works etc, but this gets boring quickly. Remember, women are creatures of emotion and will respond far more positively to emotional topics. Things that make her FEEL something.

Ask her:

  • where she wants to travel,
  • what is she passionate about,
  • what she really wants to do in life (dreams and aspirations) etc.

4. If you do have to talk about yourself, talk about your passions.

Talk about what you're passionate about, and you'll never run out of things to say. Women are turned on by passionate guys because it communicates a few things.

  • First of all it communicates that you're actually going somewhere in life and if a woman is to step into your frame, she needs to know that you're on a worthwhile journey.
  • Second of all, women enjoy passion because she feeds into that enjoyable energy and becomes intoxicated by the positive emotions you are creating. This makes you very memorable in conversation.

Think about it. Who do you enjoy talking to more? A depressed person with a lackluster attitude and no passion. Or someone so full of energy and ambition, they light up the room with their mere presence. I’ll say it again. Women are emotional creatures, and passion is a fantastic attraction trigger! Use it to your advantage.

Now we’ve just touched on the tip of the iceberg. I have much more I can show you. My dear son, the time has come for you to TAKE CONTROL of your dating life. Read "Conversation Casanova Mastery" (or listen to the audiobook) from start to finish.

This book will change your life.


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