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Confidence comes from competence.

Confidence is a feeling that is hard to obtain for many, and flows like a river for some. It's incredibly frustrating to see other guys get unfazed by approaching the most gorgeous babes while you get scared at just the thought of talking to girls. You may have wondered how they do it.

I'm here to tell you how: CONFIDENCE.

Some are incredibly confident by nature, but most developed confidence through paying their dues.


Experience comes from taking MASSIVE ACTION EVERY DAY!!!!

They made a trade: short-term comfort for long-term gain. They traded the comfort they would've had not approaching girls and not talking to new people for the confidence and social resilience they have today. They took MASSIVE ACTION towards developing skills, and didn't relent until they met their daily approaching quota goal. When they developed skills, they naturally became confident.

Think of conquering your social anxiety like jumping into a freezing cold ocean. It's incredibly uncomfortable at first, and it can be a very difficult thing to push yourself through.  In the beginning, it stings and sends shivers down your spine, turns your muscles tense and you can't think straight.  But as you get used to the cold, you become more and more resilient to its effects. Eventually you're swimming with ease and enjoying every moment of it.

Likewise, sacrificing that short-term comfort for long terms benefits in the beginning is going to be painful. You'll feel just about every negative emotion there is: stupid, rejected, alone, humiliated etc.  It will suck in the beginning, but that is the price you pay for conquering your social anxiety. Every master was once a beginner who looked like an idiot. Eventually you will accumulate massive amounts of experience, develop sharp skills, and start to enjoy the process.

After some time, you will notice positive changes.

  • You'll start feeling at ease in your own skin.
  • You'll feel less concerned with what others think of you. 
  • You'll think better thoughts when it comes to social interactions.
  • You'll be more willing and able to approach the girls that you are sexually interested in
  • Your life will be better as a result of your actions.

TAKING MASSIVE ACTION to accumulate raw experience and develop competence is one of many great ways to conquer social anxiety described in detail in "The Introvert Playbook". With actionable advice on approaching women, destroying your self-consciousness, and escalation methods to lead interactions towards S3X, it's the ultimate solution to all of an introvert's problems with women. Get "The Introvert Playbook" NOW while itโ€™s on sale for 50% off for the next 24 hours. Go through the program and watch your life transform.

Remember: when dealing with women, ALWAYS EXUDE EXTREME CONFIDENCE.

The above was written by Leon Hall, author of @HowToSeduce and Cory Smith, author of @PUA_DATING_TIPS.

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