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3 Jedi Mind Tricks to HIJACK HER MIND

What’s up PLAYER,

It’s Gary from @GotPickup and Cory from @PUA_DATING_TIPS here again. I know it’s tough going out, approaching and flirting with women, especially if you don’t have a ton of experience. But you should never, never, never give up. Every master was once a complete beginner who looked like a fool, but he kept learning and sharpening his skills, nonetheless. Likewise, strive to get at least 1% better every day!

Understand this right now: 

  • HE WHO CONTROLS THE FRAME, CONTROLS THE GAME. A woman chooses a man based on how he makes her feel. Control how she views the situation, and you will control how she feels.
  • To become a player: DEVELOP AN IMAGE OF YOURSELF THAT IS CONSISTENT WITH THE WAY YOU WANT WOMEN TO SEE YOU. You are a SEXY PRIZE, and your approval is EARNED - not handed away to any living body that has a cavity.
  • HOW YOU VIEW YOURSELF IS HOW WOMEN WILL COME TO VIEW YOU. If you view yourself as a loser, that’s how women will see you. In contrast, if you have confidence and view yourself as a WINNER, then women will view you in this manner as well.

This is why it’s paramount to utilize:


Visualize yourself as a beta: 

  • Slouched,
  • Evasive eye-contact,
  • Looking down,
  • Not taking up space,
  • Having a high pitched soy tonality,
  • Speaking too quickly and too quietly,
  • Having nervous ticks,
  • Pathetic, 
  • Simping, 
  • Wearing soft pastel shirts & cashmere sweaters. 

This is your worst potential self.

NOW, VISUALIZE YOUR ALPHA-SELF CRUSHING THAT BETA BETWEEN YOUR HANDS. Shatter all his bones. Pulp him into a red mush between your palms. Congratulations, you have freed yourself from the shackles of weakness.

  • STEP 1: Visualize the sexiest and most idealized version of yourself. 
  • STEP 2: Then visualize yourself as already being the man that you want to be.

Jedi Mind Trick #2: At all times, behave like your ideal sexiest self-image.

Think of yourself as an actor playing the part of a SEXY ALPHA MALE in a movie. Stand in front of a mirror. Own the roll and practice saying phrases using the tonality and ALPHA MALE BODY LANGUAGE consistent with that character. You will begin to feel the confidence of that character standing in your costume.

You are a 10, so act like it. Eventually you will come to believe it.

By dressing in a part, not only are you boosting your image, you are separating yourself from your ego. This allows you to have a thicker skin when interacting with women. If she rejects you, it wasn’t you anyway. It was the role you were playing.


We are now going to create a new look for you. This look can change as you evolve in your style and confidence, but let’s start with the basics. 

Women will make judgements based on initial impressions, before you even have a chance to say anything. That first impression is based on your wardrobe.

You don’t want to look like an average Joe in a t-shirt and jeans. You want to distinguish yourself as a HIGH STATUS MAN, with more refined tastes who values his appearance. ALWAYS DRESS LIKE A BOSS. It will skyrocket your confidence. In contrast, if you dress like shit then you will feel like shit.

The idea here is that you aren’t trying to cast a wide net, but rather a narrow one that you can pull off with your personality.  Choose a sexy stereotypical fashion statement that women find attractive. Use one that best represents your highest ideal ALPHA MALE SELF and consider the venue where you will be approaching women. Here are some examples (you can find others by watching popular movies or reading men’s magazines):

  • Sophisticated gentleman - tux
  • Rebel badass - biker jacket, cuffed jeans, chain wallet, shades, and waxed hair
  • Skater / Stoner - denim over hoodie, vans
  • Party Boy - shiny disco shirt, polyester pants, blinging watch, white leather shoes and matching belt.
  • Intellectual - sweater, glasses, and corduroy pants.

Now you have an alluring look that will give you a MASSIVE EDGE in approaching women.

Next, we have to make sure you have the right SLAYER MINDSET to be able to navigate the sexual marketplace. Stay tuned in the next email where we will give you a mental framework that will help you greatly increase your chances of success with meeting and closing girls.

Your friends and coaches,

Gary (@Gotpickup), and Cory (@PUA_DATING_TIPS)


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