Anti-Dump's Machine: A Guide to Vetting Women and Finding Love Audiobook (PDF Included)

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Anti-Dump's Machine: A Guide to Vetting Women and Finding Love Audiobook (PDF Included)

Seduction IQ: Lifestyle, Skills, Tactics, & Habits
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Written by Pook and Anti-Dump back in the early 2000s, this is a core red pill text that is now available as an audiobook.

This is not a pick up guide, this is a audiobook on how to vet women for long term relationships and finding women who love you and those you can have successful relationships with.

This is not a red flag checklist, it's a SYSTEM (hence the name, 'machine') that will vet for women who are interested, flexible, and compatible with you and your life interests and goals. In other words, a woman you can have a successful relationship with.

"The greatest lesson you will ever learn is this: You must stop 'understanding' women and start CHOOSING ones that work with you and not against you."

What is Anti-Dump's Machine?

Anti-Dump was interested in filtering out the non-interested chicks and finding the one he wanted. Anti-Dump wasn't interested in boosting women's interest levels; he wanted an interested girl for the long term.

Anti-Dump's Machine is the system he devised for this purpose. Anti-Dump’s Machine is a WEEDING OUT process. The machine weeds out unsuitable, uninterested, and/or inflexible women. It filters for women you have real long term potential with.

As Pook wrote, "His 'machine' was not to make women interested, it was to separate the wheat from the chaff."

Some quotes from the audiobook:

  • What it should be apparent is that getting a girl is a shopping process. Anti-Dump said, “You BUY a relationship, you do not BUILD one.” This will also pop the bubble of many guy’s concept of love. But remember, women think like this. They go shopping for guys all along. Why shouldn’t you?
  • It is not a black and white world of “Success = Having Women” and “Failure = Staying Single.” No, it is “Success= Not being attached to UNINTERESTED women.” and “Failure = Being attached to an UNINTERESTED woman.” Being in an unhappy marriage is worse than being single.
  • She needs to like who you are, not you to mold yourself to her pleasures.
  • After a while you PEEL OFF the AD cover. That's exactly it! Dating is like buying an expensive piece of real estate. You have to know what you are doing. You have to be careful or you might get stuck with swampland.
  • You 'buy' a relationship NOT build one. It means when you first meet a woman she has to ALREADY have the potential for being a partner.
  • She was a LOT warmer to me in the beginning when she thought she had to work to keep me. I got more of what I wanted when she wasn't sure if I was interested or not. When she found out she had me no matter what, that seems to be about the time that things went downhill.
  • Do not implicitly trust anyone - trust is earned and not given.
  • But the point is that if you are constantly growing, constantly improving, constantly living, then you will never become boring, always remain a bit mysterious, and you will always be interesting to her.
  • As soon as she realized you really loved her, her mission was over. Women are love seekers. As long as they are looking for love in you they will hang in there. But as soon as they find it, they are off with another dude to start the process over again.
  • Make the woman WORK to get you. This doesn’t mean becoming passive or disinterested, it means going on with your life and if she wants to come along, fine, but you have some ground rules.
  • Women have a million reasons for asking you out. Very few are for romantic purposes. You guys have to keep your EGOS in place.
  • You NEVER try to create romantic interest. Big mistake. SHE HAS TO BE ALREADY INTERESTED.
  • Just because a woman has sex with you or even MARRIES you does not mean she likes you. For women do not deceive us. Rather, women help men deceive themselves.
  • Suppose you marry a woman that doesn't love you. Happens all the time. All the giving will be ONE SIDED on your side. She will make excuses why she doesn't want to make love to you.
  • A Don Juan never says 'I love you' before two months. Ever. A Don Juan NEVER proposes before six months. He prefers to wait one year. All minor flaws must be seen.
  • Women have a finer eye than we do. They will notice your good points and there’s no need to declare them.
  • You really shouldn't be getting so personal early on. You should be watching to see if she cancels dates. Do you feel right with her? Is she rude when she can't have her way to others? Does she have a temper?
  • The first date should be a fun or action date. I say "Let's do comedy." It's not action but it's certainly FUN! The idea is not to have 'discussions'.
  • You don't give a girl what SHE wants. YOU FIND A GIRL THAT LIKES WHAT YOU WANT. Later you ask her what she likes after she accepts you first.
  • Women can smell neediness a mile away, and I think that is the biggest factor. Of course there is also social proof, the challenge of taming a bad boy, the primal attraction to a dangerous man, etc, that all adds to the attraction.
  • You first need to figure out what you want and NOT COME AT A GIRL FROM A POSITION OF NEED.
  • It's your damn life and you will live it the way you, as a man, see fit. Right or wrong it's GOT to be YOUR WAY! Because you will never be happy anyway else.
  • Never ask a woman to become exclusive. She must ask YOU. She must talk about it FIRST. Why? If a woman hasn't asked you yet it means she is still open to seeing others. She still has DOUBTS about you. Highly interested women don't want you going out with other women.
It is your world now. The shoe is now on the other foot. If she doesn’t treat you like a king, then you kick that princess out of Romance Kingdom. Girls always wonder who their husbands will be, who they will end up with. All the ladies are out there waiting for you to pick them.

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