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Chad versus Incel by @PUA_DATING_TIPS
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Being an idiot is expensive.

Women want to exploit you for financial and psychological resources. You can make mistakes that cause you years of your life to be wasted suffering in a toxic relationship, or in sexless marriage. Even worse, some guys spend years stuck in a one-sided imaginary "relationship" with a beautiful woman who friendzones them and doesn't give two shits about them back.

If you don't know who is the one being played in a situation, it's probably you.

🛑 STOP the cycle of pain.

🛑 STOP allowing yourself to be exploited because you just don't know any better.

🛑 STOP being the one who is being fucked over, and

🙌 ✅ START being the one who is doing the fucking.

With the right information, you can TRANSFORM YOURSELF.




(VOLUME 1-3)

The Complete Pook Collection includes EVERYTHING ever written by Pook and more.

  • #1) The Book of Pook Audiobook (Written by Pook) [15+ Hours of Narration and PDF included], This is the original classic eBook that is astonishingly famous in the seduction community for its sharp wit, practical strategies, and brilliant insights on how to completely DOMINATE THE SEXUAL MARKETPLACE.
  • #2) The Pook Manifesto Audiobook (Written by Pook) [15+ Hours of Narration and PDF included], This is Pook's second volume that extensively describes female psychology and manipulation strategies that lead to men turning into SLAVES that give a woman a LIFETIME OF SERVITUDE in exchange for some occasional pussy. This audiobook will show you how to NEVER AGAIN BE MANIPULATED TO BEHAVE AGAINST YOUR BEST INTERESTS.
  • #3) Anti-Dump's Machine: A Guide to Vetting Women and Finding Love Audiobook (Written by Pook) [1.5 Hours of Narration and PDF included]. This guide explains how to properly choose a woman for a long term relationship, and/or for marriage. As a man of high worth and status in the social dominance hierarchy, you have a TON of value to bring to the table. Women WANT what you have to offer. Don't give away your power by failing to realize that you are THE SELECTOR and GATEKEEPER OF COMMITMENT. You should have HIGH STANDARDS to the type of woman you allow access to your heart. Falling in love with the wrong type of woman can potentially ruin your life. Don't think with your dick. The guide discusses how to choose the RIGHT woman for you, and how to keep the relationship strong over the span of years (bypassing divorce, child-support, alimony and unnecessary heartbreaks).
  • #4) The Practical Guide to UNFUCK YOUR SEX LIFE (Written by Cory Smith, author of @PUA_DATING_TIPS, based on the teachings of Pook) [PDF Only] Cory Smith brings over a decade of personal experience (and thousands of approaches in the field) to compile a create a concise, no-fluff, highly practical guide and collection of checklists on what you need to do to KILL THE NOISE, CUT THE BULLSHIT, and GET YOUR SEX LIFE TOGETHER.


  • #5) BONUS: The DJ Bible (Written by various authors) There are thousands of pages of content in the Manosphere about how to succeed with women and be an Apex Predator in the Sexual Marketplace. "The DJ Bible" compiles the very best of the very best of the very best of these writings - the creme de la creme - and puts them into one book. The writings in this book have been hand-selected to be REQUIRED READING for aspiring seducers (so, you don't have to find needles in haystacks). As you read through this book, you will be TRANFORMED into a HIGHLY KNOWLEDGE, STREET-SMART, SKILLED PLAYER OF THE GAME.
  • #6) BONUSMental Toughness 101, How to be BulletProof AudioBook (Written by Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and other Stoic Philosophers) [Volume 1-3: 15 Hours of Narration] Formal schooling taught you how to do basic math, and memorize random facts that you can easily Google, but not how to live life to the fullest. Supplement your knowledge of the seduction with wisdom on how to be successful in life. These audiobooks will teach you the ancient secrets of stoic masters, so that you can DOMINATE LIFE. After all, good game does not exist in a vacuum, but as part of a holistic system of CRUSHING IT IN EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO.
  • #7) BONUS: The Lost Files of Pook: The Ultimate A to Z Reference Guide for Success with Women written by Pook Understand deep fundamental secrets of female psychology, and gain a stunningly accurate perspective of the sexual marketplace. This valuable knowledge will give you the insight to predict what a woman will do before she does it - giving you the intel to always be a few steps ahead of her.

#1) The Book of Pook Audiobook


  • *Rejection is better than Regret.
  • *Avoid the friendship route. When you see a woman you are interested in, go for her romantically. For a friend she sees, a friend you shall always be.
  • *Embrace your own sexuality. Be a guy, talk like a guy, act like a guy. Do action things. It is one thing to talk about things you love, but most guys talk about things just to talk.
  • *Women would rather share a successful man than be attached to a faithful loser.
  • *Women come and go, but YOU are forever. The focus must be on you. What do YOU want in a girl? What do YOU want to do for a date? What type of relationship are YOU looking for?
  • *Opportunities are brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.
  • *Perfect is boring but to be Human is Beautiful.
  • *The Nice Guy gets dumped because he hardly made any moves.
  • *The world does not revolve around you. It never has and never will. No one will care if you hit on a chick. No one will care if you make a move on her. Do not rationalize away your desires.
  • *Women may be attracted to you by your looks and give you more auditions, but it is the personality that keeps them.
  • *If there is ONE thing a man must NEVER do to a woman, it is this: DO NOT BORE HER. Make her happy, make her angry, make her laugh, ANYTHING but bore her.
  • *DON'T GIVE HER A REASON TO THINK SHE IS BETTER. You are the gold; she should be thrilled just to have A CHANCE with you.
  • *You are THE MAN. You must be IN CHARGE. Desperate guys will try to be 'nice' in every which way to win the girl (and fail, of course)
  • *Girls want guys who don't need girls.
  • *Be interested in stuff other than pussy. What about personality, status, MONEY?
  • *Clothes that fit look better than expensive ones that don’t.
  • *Stand up straight, shoulders back, stare straight ahead. Stop looking at the ground. Move slower, don’t act like you are in a rush. Don't be scared of anybody. Talk slower and deeper. Don’t show jealousy.
  • *Firstly, confidence is key. If you come up to a lady like a nervous wreck that is a major turn off. Own it, be the man. Act like you can get any woman in that room because of your good qualities that you have
  • *You never let yourself fail so you will never grow.
  • *FAILURE IS AN OPPORTUNITY. After all, risk is the key to self-improvement.
  • *RISK IT ALL. Some men see women and cry, "WHY!?" But I approach women and say, "WHY NOT?"
  • *The high standards you apply to your desires must be applied to yourself.
  • "Men will be nice when nice guys get laid."
  • *Don't SPEND your time chasing girls, INVEST it by putting it into your interests and desires, thus the whole of your life. When you do this, all of a sudden you have what every woman wants: Ambition, charge, decisiveness, backbone, kindness, stableness, and confidence.
  • *Like a child, women want to be seized and shown the glories of life. She is expecting you to take her hand and whisk her away to adventures, excitement, and fun, a world of color compared to her boring bland arena of Nature she resides in now.
  • *What about the guys who just sit there and wait for girls to approach them? In their mind, they think, "Please ask me out!" Guys should never count on women to ask them out.
  • *Don't take the secure route as you do not allow yourself to fail.
  • *Once a girl sees you as a friend, you will always be a friend. The only way 'out' of it is to use sexual tension. Stare at her eyes a bit longer. Start looking at her in 'that' way. Take your thought and send it to her through your eyes, face, and behavior. Don't worry, she'll receive it. Based on her reaction, you'll know what to do.
  • *Have fun with the woman. Don't take your outings so seriously. A woman must feel comfortable and secure with you before intimacy can begin. The key to her feeling comfortable and secure is by having fun WITH YOU.
  • *Don't make excuses for stuff you cant do.
  • *Alpha male: Is not only not desperate for women, he is never desperate for anything. When you are not desperate for women's attention or affection, it's implied that you have plenty of it - which puts you at ease, and excites women.

#2) The Pook Manifesto Audiobook 

"Here are a few of the standards women have for their men:

  • Tall
  • Well dressed
  • Good job/ has money
  • Can socialize, has a social network
  • Handsome
  • Sweet
  • Confident
  • Funny
  • Wants to be a Good Man

When women express their interest in tall men, you do not hear men protesting that they should like short women. You do not hear men say women should cease looking for men with good jobs and start looking for bums (rather, they protest the expectation of super-riches which very very few people ever have). No man says that women ought to accept unconfident men, or boring men, and so on. And certainly, men do not throw themselves at the Legislative Palace to enforce their sexual will into law.

There is endless discussion of what women want, how women think, how do men get them, and so on. But absolutely no one would say: "Let us demand that women totally change their standards for men."

Yet, western women do this to men all the time. Women say: "You are not allowed to have those standards." Why must men adjust their standards but not vice versa?"


That was just a very brief excerpt from the 625 page book + audiobook that is "Pook's Manifesto" that covers EVERYTHING a man must know to COMPLETELY DOMINATE IN THE SEXUAL MARKETPLACE.

This audiobook covers ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

  • 🚫How to STOP being a pussy, and
  • 🚫How to STOP being pushed around by women like a dog on a leash, walked on like a doormat, and
  • 🚫How to STOP living to please women (life is finite and it's ending one moment at a time; you really want to waste it living the life a woman wants for you instead of the life that you want for yourself?!), and
  • 🚫How to STOP being a submissive soy, bitch boy - mindlessly following the culture of the times - and
  • ✅ internalize the mindsets of being an ALPHA MALE WHO DOMINATES EVERYTHING.
  • 🚫How to STOP worshipping, pedestalizing and begging for sex from mediocre pussy, and
  • ✅ START putting yourself in a position where you ACHIEVE APEX SEXUAL MARKET VALUE and WOMEN ARE PURSUING YOU.
  • 🚫How to STOP leading with your wallet, playing provider-based game, and living a life of service to women, and instead

#3) Anti-Dump's Machine: A Guide to Vetting Women and Finding Love Audiobook

This is a core red pill text that is now available as an audiobook.

This is not a pick up guide, this is a audiobook on how to vet women for long term relationships and finding women who love you and those you can have successful relationships with.

This is not a red flag checklist, it's a SYSTEM (hence the name, 'machine') that will vet for women who are interested, flexible, and compatible with you and your life interests and goals. In other words, a woman you can have a successful relationship with.

"The greatest lesson you will ever learn is this: You must stop 'understanding' women and start CHOOSING ones that work with you and not against you."

What is Anti-Dump's Machine?

Anti-Dump was interested in filtering out the non-interested chicks and finding the one he wanted. Anti-Dump wasn't interested in boosting women's interest levels; he wanted an interested girl for the long term.

Anti-Dump's Machine is the system he devised for this purpose. Anti-Dump’s Machine is a WEEDING OUT process. The machine weeds out unsuitable, uninterested, and/or inflexible women. It filters for women you have real long term potential with.

As Pook wrote, "His 'machine' was not to make women interested, it was to separate the wheat from the chaff."

Some quotes from the audiobook:

  • It is not a black and white world of “Success = Having Women” and “Failure = Staying Single.” No, it is “Success= Not being attached to UNINTERESTED women.and “Failure = Being attached to an UNINTERESTED woman.” Being in an unhappy marriage is worse than being single.
  • She needs to like who you are, not you to mold yourself to her pleasures.
  • After a while you PEEL OFF the AD cover. That's exactly it! Dating is like buying an expensive piece of real estate. You have to know what you are doing. You have to be careful or you might get stuck with swampland.
  • You 'buy' a relationship NOT build one. It means when you first meet a woman she has to ALREADY have the potential for being a partner.
  • She was a LOT warmer to me in the beginning when she thought she had to work to keep me. I got more of what I wanted when she wasn't sure if I was interested or not. When she found out she had me no matter what, that seems to be about the time that things went downhill.
  • Do not implicitly trust anyone - trust is earned and not given.
  • But the point is that if you are constantly growing, constantly improving, constantly living, then you will never become boring, always remain a bit mysterious, and you will always be interesting to her.
  • As soon as she realized you really loved her, her mission was over. Women are love seekers. As long as they are looking for love in you they will hang in there. But as soon as they find it, they are off with another dude to start the process over again.
  • Make the woman WORK to get you. This doesn’t mean becoming passive or disinterested, it means going on with your life and if she wants to come along, fine, but you have some ground rules.
  • Women have a million reasons for asking you out. Very few are for romantic purposes. You guys have to keep your EGOS in place.
  • Just because a woman has sex with you or even MARRIES you does not mean she likes you. For women do not deceive us. Rather, women help men deceive themselves.
  • Suppose you marry a woman that doesn't love you. Happens all the time. All the giving will be ONE SIDED on your side. She will make excuses why she doesn't want to make love to you.
  • A Don Juan never says 'I love you' before two months. Ever. A Don Juan NEVER proposes before six months. He prefers to wait one year. All minor flaws must be seen.
  • You really shouldn't be getting so personal early on. You should be watching to see if she cancels dates. Do you feel right with her? Is she rude when she can't have her way to others? Does she have a temper?
  • Women can smell neediness a mile away, and I think that is the biggest factor. Of course there is also social proof, the challenge of taming a bad boy, the primal attraction to a dangerous man, etc, that all adds to the attraction. You first need to figure out what you want and NOT COME AT A GIRL FROM A POSITION OF NEED.
  • It's your damn life and you will live it the way you, as a man, see fit. Right or wrong it's GOT to be YOUR WAY! Because you will never be happy anyway else.
  • It is your world now. The shoe is now on the other foot. If she doesn’t treat you like a king, then you kick that princess out of Romance Kingdom. Girls always wonder who their husbands will be, who they will end up with. All the ladies are out there waiting for you to pick them.

This is a tiny glimpse of what you will learn from "Anti-Dump's Machine". The full version will cover more concepts, and explain them in a manner that will lead to a GAME TRANSFORMATION FOR YOU.

What you will get in this bundle:

  • #1) The Book of Pook Audiobook (Written by Pook) [15+ Hours of Narration and PDF included],
  • #2) The Pook Manifesto Audiobook (Written by Pook) [15+ Hours of Narration and PDF included], and
  • #3) Anti-Dump's Machine: A Guide to Vetting Women and Finding Love Audiobook (Written by Pook) [1.5 Hours of Audio and PDF included].
  • #4) The Practical Guide to UNFUCK YOUR SEX LIFE (Written by Cory Smith, author of @PUA_DATING_TIPS, and based on the teachings of Pook) [PDF Only] 
  • #5) BONUS: The DJ Bible (Written by various authors)
  • #6) BONUS: Mental Toughness 101, How to be BulletProof AudioBook (Written by Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and other Stoic Philosophers) [Volume 1-3: 15 Hours of Narration] 
  • Knowledge that might save you a very expensive divorce!
  • Any future updates - including chapter summaries.
  • #7) UPDATE ON MARCH 4, 2021, NEW BONUS: "The Lost Files of Pook" (Written by Pook)


OVER A YEAR OF WORK went into this project. For what you're getting which is over 31 hours of narration of these seduction community MUST-LISTEN-TO classics, access to tons of sweets bonuses (and future bonuses), this is a fucking sweet deal.


It's a lot easier to read the works of Pook from start to finish if you can listen to it at the same time. Listen to these audiobooks while you're making breakfast, getting dressed, walking to the grocery store, or in your car on the commute to work (no bullshit excuses of "not having time), or listen for a few hours before heading to sleep. There is no such thing as "being busy"; when something is life-saving, you MAKE THE TIME FOR IT. If you suddenly was hit with a potentially life-ending sickness, would you be "too busy" to make the time to heal yourself?

If you don't listen to the valuable life-saving information in Pook's Collection Audiobooks, you could make terrible mistakes in your sex life that could waste years of your life being in toxic one-sided relationships that cause more suffering than happiness and pleasure - with your dick only knowing your hand. The cost in terms of pain and lost time is greater than the time cost of listening through all three of the Pook's AudioBooks.

  • You could waste years of your life being stuck as a virgin or in a very long dryspell because you don't know how to meet women, attract them, and fuck them since you didn't listen to "The Book of Pook" and you didn't read "The Practical Guide to UNFUCK YOUR SEX LIFE".
  • You enter into a relationship with a woman but she has control over you like a puppet being pulled on strings. You are in a relationship but you are miserable and constantly manipulated to serve the woman for a drop of pussy because you didn't listen to "Pook's Manifesto". 

Don't torture yourself by staying as a friend when you want to FUCK HER.

You'll lose your self-respect, your balls, and your dick turns into a pussy.


  • You could potentially ruin your life over an ungrateful bitter woman because you didn't see the warning signs and Red Flags since you didn't listen to the Anti-Dump AudioBook. If you simply listened to this one audiobook then you would know almost immediately if a woman is worth investing (more time and energy) into a relationship with - while learning how to quickly cut out women who are unworthy of having access to you.









Cory Smith, author of @PUA_DATING_TIPS

I'll see you on the other side.


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